Full Demo Production

Full Demo Production

Need a demo? We are here to help!! With just a simple scratch track of your song we can create a competitive full band production of your tune at a very affordable rate, and in a fraction of the time it would take for a regular recording studio! 

It's a simple process!! 


  • Full Band Production
  • Vocal production
    • Male singer included (you may hire another singer but it may affect the turnaround time) 
    • harmonies 
  • Mixing 
  • Mastering 
  • 4 Edits 

All you have to do is provide a simple recording of the song and we turn it into a full band production track, if you have a preferred singer you want on your track we can provide options and pricing or you can hire them on your own and we either send them the track to sing to and they send it back so we can mix and master or they can come to us.  Either option will add to the turnaround time on the track due to scheduling.  

For more information/pricing Email- groemer.music@gmail.com