New Year

31 Dec

Sitting here in my home studio kind of reflecting on the past year and its kind of shocking the amount of life changes that have happened. I am so grateful for the things that have manifested in the past year that I can’t even begin to express it here, but I do know the people around me new and old have all been a big part of that.  

Getting married and moving to Nashville were definitely the highlights, but I can say I don’t recommend doing it as back to back as we did although I wouldn’t change it for anything its all part of the story! Being an entertainer is hard, but it has to be even harder on spouses and for sure Sarah has put up with way more than she deserves but I am extremely thankful she understands this crazy ride enough to do it.  

So if you’re reading this you are a big part of the good things in my life and I appreciate you and every little ounce of encouragement and support even just clicking the follow/like button helps!

2019 isn’t ready for the things that we are about to bring….but I hope you are! Happy New Year and I can’t wait to see you and share new music very very soon!!

Love you guys,

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